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Central Wyoming Counseling Center
Partners with Wyoming Lifeline for 24/7 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline

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“No Sense of future.” 

“Want to change, but powerless.”

“Feels unconnected.”

These are just some of the reasons that Wyoming residents have called the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline.

“The CWCC Suicide and Crisis Lifeline Call Center is Wyoming’s first certified National Suicide Prevention Lifeline,” the CWCC website states. “This hotline fields calls from all over Wyoming and, unlike many other 1-800 suicide hotlines, every professional that is called has a 307 number. That may not seem like much, but there’s something to be said about reaching out and knowing that you’re talking to somebody that lives where you live.”

In July of 2022, the Central Wyoming Counseling Center partnered with Wyoming Lifeline to offer Wyoming residents a crisis hotline at all hours of the day. Beginning on March 1, 2023, the two organizations will split the 24-hour timeframe equally, with Wyoming Lifeline crisis counselors operating from 2am-2pm and CWCC crisis counselors operating from 2pm-2am.

The CWCC Suicide and Crisis Lifeline began operations in August 2020. In the more than two years since its inception, the lifeline has offered support, resources, help, and hope to countless Wyomingites. In 2022 alone, CWCC took more than 2,000 calls via the Lifeline and now, in 2023 and beyond, it’s prepared to take even more. 

The Suicide and Crisis Lifeline is Wyoming’s first local suicide call center and now, after two years of existence, it is expanding to be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

988 is the three-digit, nationwide phone number that callers can dial to speak directly to the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. Residents can also reach out via text message, by texting 307-776-0610. 

Both the texting services and the 24/7 expansion have provided Wyoming residents even more of an opportunity to reach out when they need help. 

According to the CWCC website, “Calls and texts are answered by staff who are trained in all of the best practices regarding suicide prevention. They are certified and accredited through the National Suicide Prevention network as well. This means when somebody calls or texts, they are getting the absolute best of the best people to talk to.”

Staff at the CWCC call center and Wyoming Lifeline have been trained in various aspects of mental health and crisis situations. This includes suicide prevention, crisis intervention, domestic violence, human trafficking, veteran mental health, youth mental health, and more. Both phone calls and text messages are kept anonymous, to ensure absolute privacy. 

Now, with the expansion to 24/7, these trained technicians are able to talk people through difficult times and they’re able to put them in contact with services that could, quite literally, save their lives. 

To learn more about Central Wyoming Counseling Center and the services they offer, visit their website. 

To learn more about Wyoming Lifeline, visit their website or Facebook page.

If you or someone you know is in crisis or is contemplating suicide, you can call 988 or text 307-776-0610.

Article by Nick Perkins at K2 Radio  |  Published: February 22, 2023