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CWCC Offering ‘Christmas Giving Tree’ for Casper families

CWCC Christmas Giving Tree V2

For many people, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” But the holidays, for others, aren’t as nice. For some, they’re incredibly stressful, overwhelming, and sad. Often, people don’t have anywhere, or anybody, to come home to, and the simple act of giving a gift can result in panic attacks and anxiety.

Central Wyoming Counseling Center understands this, which is why their services are even more pivotal during the holiday season. It’s also why the staff at CWCC have come together to offer a ‘Christmas Giving Tree’ to local families this Christmas.

“We reached out, through our counselors and case managers, to various clients who might need some help this Christmas,” stated Kendall TeBeest, the Community Development Specialist for the Central Wyoming Counseling Center. “We had applications in our lobby and our clients were able to fill out an application if they wanted to for their families.”

It’s not a unique idea, but it doesn’t need to be. Year-round, CWCC strives to be a resource for the community – offering peace of mind, help, and hope. So this Christmas, they wanted to do that very same thing for families who need a little extra help, a little extra hope.

“We have about 20 kids on our tree. Community members and CWCC staff are all welcome to grab a name,” said TeBeest. “Monetary gifts are also welcomed. The holiday season is busy, and we understand you may not have time to shop, so we’re encouraging people to donate cash because we have a committee that, at the end of the week, is going to go shopping to make sure that we get every name off of the tree.” CWCC asks that any gift donations be brought to the CWCC campus by December 15th.

This year, CWCC’s Christmas Giving Tree has between 12 and 14 families, some with multiple children. It’s been a fun experience for the staff of CWCC, a chance to give back to the community and really demonstrate their devotion to being a safe, warm, inviting place for those men, women, and children who
would benefit from their services.

Of course, CWCC wouldn’t be able to do what they do if it wasn’t for the community giving back to them. The Central Wyoming Counseling Center is a non-profit organization. They serve as a resource for anybody who comes to them looking for help. “It’s incredibly rewarding to see the generous nature of so many of our community members,” TeBeest stated. “People give throughout the year, but we do see an increase during the holidays, with people thinking of CWCC with their year-end giving; sometimes we’re the recipient of that, and we are humble and grateful for the support. Community donations are incredibly important to CWCC; both for the financial aspect, obviously, but also because it shows that our community really believes in the services CWCC provides.”

The Central Wyoming Counseling Center exists to inspire hope in people. And no matter how magical the holiday season is, for some people, hope is still hard to come by. The staff at CWCC are doing all they can to help as many people as they’re able, and it’s because of the support from the Casper community that they’re able to do so.

“As an agency, we’re in the nature of helping people,” TeBeest said. “Our goal is to provide help in any way that we can, whether it’s the services that we provide or, now, with the steps we’ve taken to help out with the holiday season. So, stay hopeful and positive and know that CWCC is here for you, we love you, we care about you, and we’re determined to help in any and every way we can.”

For more information about the Central Wyoming Counseling Center, visit their website. If you’re interested in making a donation, you can visit