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CWCC Joins WyoGives: Amplifying Support for Mental Health Initiatives


At Central Wyoming Counseling Center (CWCC), community involvement and fundraising are vital to continuing their mission of providing mental health and behavioral health services. In a recent interview with Kendall TeBeest, the Business and Fundraising Development Coordinator at CWCC, we explored the organization’s participation in WyoGives, happening July 10th, 2024, and the impact it has on its initiatives.

What is WyoGives?
WyoGives is an initiative of the Wyoming Nonprofit Network, designed as a 24-hour statewide online giving event to support and bring awareness to Wyoming’s various nonprofits. According to Kendall, “It’s designed to bring the whole state together and bring awareness to all of Wyoming’s various nonprofits.” This collective effort helps to promote and support the diverse range of organizations working across the state.

CWCC’s Motivation for Participating
CWCC is a 501(c)(3) organization, making them eligible to receive donations during WyoGives. Kendall shared that this year marks their second year participating, and they are more prepared than ever to leverage this opportunity. “Last year was our first year, and this year, we’re putting some manpower behind our WyoGives campaign to bring in support,” she explained.

One of the significant benefits of participating in WyoGives is the Hughes Charitable Foundation incentive pool. Although it’s not a dollar-for-dollar match, the million-dollar pool is proportionately paid out based on the total funds raised by each participating organization. This allows donations to go further, providing an additional incentive for donors to contribute.

Challenges and Solutions
Kendall highlighted some challenges that Wyoming nonprofits face, particularly in promoting their causes and connecting with potential supporters. “It’s challenging to find nonprofits you want to support because there are so many organizations doing amazing things,” she noted. WyoGives provides a platform for nonprofits to gain visibility and support collectively, while also cross-promoting each other.

CWCC’s Future Plans
While there are no specific earmarks for the funds raised through WyoGives, CWCC has several projects in the pipeline that would benefit from additional funding. These include:

  • Outdoor Recreation Area: Set to break ground soon, this project aims to provide a space for clients to engage in therapeutic outdoor activities.
  • Activities Room: A new space for group and individual therapy sessions with adolescents, enhancing the center’s capacity to offer specialized care.
  • Service Awareness Campaigns: Ongoing efforts to raise awareness about mental and behavioral health, using innovative and engaging methods to reach the community.

A Call to Action
Kendall concluded with a powerful message for potential supporters: “If you are looking to support a nonprofit like CWCC, WyoGives is a specific event where your support can go even further.” With the additional boost from the Hughes Charitable Foundation incentive pool, every dollar donated on this day has a greater impact.

CWCC’s participation in WyoGives is a testament to their commitment to enhancing mental health services and supporting the community. By joining this statewide effort, they are not only raising funds but also fostering a sense of unity and collective action among Wyoming’s nonprofits.

For those interested in contributing to CWCC during WyoGives, July 10th is the day to make a difference. Celebrate Wyoming’s statehood by supporting the vital work of organizations like CWCC, and help ensure that mental health resources are available to those in need.

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