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CWCC Residential Services

CWCC Residential Treatment

Central Wyoming Counseling Center provides Residential Services to clients battling addiction issues and who are looking to reclaim their lives. These Residential Services include wings for men and women. The Menʼs Unit has 35 beds and the Womenʼs Unit has 29.

CWCC also offers special services to Residential clients, including:

  • Mother and Child (newborn to 8 yrs) Beds
  • Schooling/Daycare for the Children of Clients
  • Case Management Services
  • Parenting Skill Training
  • Psychiatric Services
  • And More

CWCC provides individual counseling and group counseling, teaching clients about the addiction process and how to deal with their mental health in a more productive manner. The therapists at CWCC work to deconstruct the symptom to find the root cause. CWCC also provides groups on cognitive behavioral therapy, as well as training specifically designed for parents. CWCC utilizes various therapists for both men and women. These individuals are specifically trained to help clients work through addiction issues and find healthy coping mechanisms.

CWCC consists of multiple levels of care: 1.0, 2.1, and 3.5. Our Residential Program is an ASAM Level 3.5. Clients will undergo an ASI (Addiction Severity Index) Evaluation to determine the level of care needed to address their issues. If clients reach a 3.5 level on the ASI, that is when Residential Treatment is offered. Residential Treatment typically lasts between 90 to 120 days, but it is progress-based. Clients will complete three different phases while in treatment, completing a variety of different assignments, such as writing an autobiography, addressing ʻThinking Errors,ʼ and speaking to the group about the ways their addiction has affected their lives and the lives of people around them.

Dan Farrer, the Director of Residential Services says that he believes the most important part of the CWCC Residential Services is its staff.

“Having staff that really care about the clients and want to help them make good changes, and helping them stay accountable is pivotal,” Farrer said. “CWCC has that. Our therapists are well-trained in being able to handle clients that struggle, and our therapists have good training when it comes to leading groups and being able to help clients work through their struggles and the different traumas that theyʼve experienced in the past. I think, ultimately, when you have a good set of therapists, a good set of techs, and good nurses…when we, as the staff, function well and weʼre well trained to help people grow, and to help people find that change…thatʼs what matters. Thatʼs the important part.”

Choosing to undergo treatment is not an admission of weakness. Asking for help is not a weakness. Itʼs a strength. Itʼs easy to ignore problems; to bury them in the bottom of a bottle and pretend that they donʼt exist. Itʼs east to ignore emotions. And the more you try to pretend like your problems arenʼt there, the more you feed your addiction. So when clients choose to come to treatment, when they choose to get help from the people who want to help you, itʼs a sign of courage; a sign of strength.

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If you or someone you know is in crisis or is contemplating suicide, you can call or text 988.