From our rather small beginnings in 1959, as a largely volunteer-operated mental health clinic, Central Wyoming Counseling Center (Central) has grown to offer a wide variety of specialized programs and services. With Central’s team of mental health and substance abuse treatment professionals, nurses, physicians, psychiatrists, and support staff, the center operates three major programs consisting of Outpatient Services, Residential Services, and Recovery Support Services.

Each year, Central has grown and adapted to serve our clients. In 1959, from an empty classroom at the high school, Central served 25 people. In 2015, Central helped over 4,000 people at our 75,000 sq/ft. campus and through our many external programs.

Central has responded to community needs by implementing an Open Access intake process where clients who call or walk in, can be seen in the same day. Enhancing this process is our collaborative documentation where clients assist in developing their own treatment plans.

Central’s dedication to our neighbors is also evident in our staff of over 140 professionals. It is emphasized through the continuing education with 400+ courses provided to all our staff. It is demonstrated by our ability to measure and track processes and successes. Central’s commitment to bringing the best to Wyoming is highlighted by a modern electronic medical record system. And, finally, Wyoming’s dedication to Central is evidenced by our revitalized Community Advisory Council; our passionate Board of Directors; and continuing strong community support.