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Times of crisis call for increased measures to meet an individual’s needs. Through our Crisis Stabilization Services (CCSS), our team offers support to individuals who are experiencing intense psychiatric or substance use disorders.

A continuum of care, Crisis Stabilization Services is designed to be a community-based alternative to hospitalization for individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis.

Integration benefits everyone

The ultimate goal of Crisis Stabilization Services is to rapidly stabilize behavioral health patients in the least restrictive environment possible. We aim to return individuals to the community quickly and at a higher functioning level than their pre-crisis condition.

We emphasize:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Recovery
  • Natural supports (Family, Friends, Community)
  • Community integration


We offer: 

A community-based alternative to hospitalization, this intensive, short-term structured environment supports the safe resolution of problems, such as:

  • Uncontrollable behavior
  • Thoughts of Suicide
  • Moderate psychosis


Individuals appropriate for this level of care:

  • Do not meet admission criteria to
    an inpatient hospital
  • Require intensive behavioral health
    treatment and/or stabilization


Contact the Crisis Stabilization Services program at :

  • 307-337-8842