Emergency? Dial: 911



The CWCC Suicide Prevention Lifeline Call Center is Wyoming’s first certified National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. We field calls from everywhere in the State and from every caller that has a 307 area code . As part of the National network we meet all requirements including having a designated physical space and dedicated land lines. Our Director has over 20 years of experience in the area of suicide prevention. Our staff are trained in all of the suicide prevention best practices and are supervised by the Director and Medical Director of CWCC. Our typical callers can either be having thoughts of suicide or be encountering difficulties in their lives that are resulting in them reaching out to us.

We all know that living in Wyoming can be isolating given the vast open spaces and there is a certain frontier way of thinking that can get in the way of people reaching out for help. Our tag line is “Asking for help is the new Cowboy Tough” . Our Director is making connections throughout the state in an endeavor to destigmatize seeking help and to reduce the loneliness and isolation which makes behavioral health issues that much more difficult.

We are contracted with and receive funding from the Wyoming Department of Health.

Our hours of operation are 7 days a week, 4 pm to 12 am midnight.