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We’ve Got You: Central Wyoming Counseling Center on New Beginnings and New Opportunities to Serve Wyoming

CWCC New Beginnings

Central Wyoming Counseling Center has currently undergone a multitude of changes, both in front of and behind the scenes. CWCC’s acting CEO, Steve Corsi, brings with him a wealth of knowledge, experience, innovation and, most importantly, empathy for the people of Casper and beyond. He also brings with him the desire to lead CWCC to even greater heights and he knows that the best way to do that is to put people in positions in which they will thrive.

That is what CWCC has done recently, and the results have already begun to speak for themselves.

“We have a CEO in place right now, in Steve Corsi, and he’s leading us to be leaders,” said Sarah Sulzen, the newly-appointed Chief Operating Officer of CWCC. “And we’re going to do the same thing with our staff. We’re going to help them grow as leaders and build a firm foundation for this industry.”

As part of that growth, CWCC has also promoted Tabitha Madrigal to the position of Chief Clinical Officer, and Nancy Harns to the position of Program Director of Residential Services. All three women have been a part of the Central Wyoming Counseling Center for years, in various capacities.

“Being put in these positions has given us an opportunity to say ‘This is our focus,’” Sulzen said. “We want to provide superior care for the people we serve and that’s why we’re all here. And I think being put in these positions where we can energize people and work as a team – it’s a really great opportunity for the people in this community, and for us.”

Central Wyoming Counseling Center has recently added, changed, and re-vamped some of its services in order to provide the best quality care to the community.

CWCC provides a broad range of behavioral health and substance abuse services.  Services include outpatient and telehealth services for mental health and substance use, Crisis Stabilization Services, Social Detoxification and Residential Substance Use Treatment services and Recovery Support Services. Additionally, CWCC offers services for children, adolescents and families, including Wrap-Around Services, School-Based Services, and more. Central Wyoming Counseling Center also operates a Suicide Prevention and Crisis Lifeline. 

All of these services, including telehealth therapy, are designed to provide a safe space for the community to go when they need help. Asking for help is okay. Not being okay is okay. And CWCC strives to be a place for the community to go to when things aren’t okay.

“Besides revitalizing our residential treatment substance use facility, we are, through the support of the Natrona Collective Health Trust, restarting our wraparound services, which is focused on helping youth with behavioral issues,” Sulzen revealed. “We’ve also received some additional funding from the state of Wyoming to strengthen our lifeline services, so we’re expanding those.”

CWCC works collaboratively with the Wyoming Lifeline to now offer a 24-hour suicide prevention hotline. The agency has also begun implementing telehealth services in order to provide individual and group therapy to those who may not be able to come to a physical location every week.

“We’re looking at, agency-wide, how can we be more innovative?” Madrigal said. “How can we be more creative? We’ve got limited resources, so how can we be creative with them and meet folks where they are? If that means going to them instead of them coming to us, then we’ll do that. If it’s creating new programs, if it’s creating new times of the day – it comes back to, ‘What’s the community need?’ If people have an 8-5 job that they can’t get away from, then we’ll extend our hours, or we’ll open up services on the weekend.”

The goal is to be as accessible as possible to anyone who may require the services of CWCC.

“Everybody on our leadership team lives in this community,” Madrigal said. “I live in this community. This is my home. And this agency has been my home for a long time, so it’s important to me, and to us as a leadership team, to be there for the community. We’re here for the community. We’re here because we’re passionate about helping our friends, our families, our neighbors, because that’s just who we are.”

Madrigal stated that the therapists, leadership team, and support staff at CWCC have refocused their mission and are intent on reshaping their existing programs and also building some new programs as well.

CWCC has always been a client-focused organization; that’s the entire point of its existence. But this new team is dedicated to ensuring that every single person who walks through their doors does so with an understanding that they’re not there as a punishment; they won’t be judged, they won’t be mocked, they won’t be criticized. They can walk through the doors of CWCC knowing that they will be taken care of.

“I know this sounds…cliche,” Harns said. “But hope is here. Really. We exist to be the place that provides hope to people, so that they can be confident when they come here and say to themselves, ‘These people care about me, and they’re going to help me along the way, and they know I’m going to have missteps, but they’re not going to give up on me because it’s difficult.’”

Too often, people dealing with mental health issues don’t want to burden those around them. They don’t want to feel as though they’re taking up time or space because their problems “really aren’t that important.”

But CWCC knows they are important. The staff of CWCC also know that their job, their purpose, is to make the time and the space. And that is what they do, day after day.

“Nobody’s got it together all the time,” Madrigal shared. “We all have our moments. And for me, I try to look at every person who comes through our door and, sometimes, they’re really broken. And it’s our job, our privilege, to say ‘I got you. I got this. For you.’”

And that, in the simplest of terms, is what the Central Wyoming Counseling Center offers the people of this community. It’s a promise, a pledge. It’s a hug. It’s a blanket. It’s an ‘I got you, and I’m not letting go.’

Sometimes, that’s all a person needs.To find out more about the services of the Central Wyoming Counseling Center, or to schedule an appointment with one of their therapists, visit the CWCC website.